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The Viceroys

Carlos de Aragòn 1566-1568

Francesco Fernando d'Àvalos 1568-1571

Giuseppe Francesco Landriano 1571

Carlos de Aragòn 1571-77

Carlos de Aragón y Tagliavia, a.k.a. Carlo d' Aragona Tagliavia, (Palermo, Italy, 1520? - 1599), marquis of Avola since 1542, title of duke extended before, 1502, to Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, to become a Grandee of Spain , both being awarded by king Charles I of Spain, a.k.a. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. He was confirmed as his other title, awarded by king Felipe II of Spain on 17th August 1561 as Prince of Castelvetrano since 1564, Count of Girgenti, (Sicilian term for important Greek origins town of Agrigento), Great Admiral of Sicily, Viceroy of Sicily, 1566 - 1568 and again 1571 - 1577, Viceroy of Catalonia, 1581 - 1582, and a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece since 1584 or 1585. From around March 1583 to December 1592, he was also Governor of the Duchy of Milan, with the name Carlos de Aragón, Prince of Castelvetrano.

He was the son of Giovanni de Tagliavia, count of Castelvetrano, and Antonia de Aragon, only daughter of Carlos de Aragon, marquis of Avola,(located in Trapani, Sicily, Italy), and duke of Terranova. but not the 1st, as stated in some places. Such title was awarded in 1502 by the 1st time to [Gonzalo Fernández de Cordoba]], (1453 - 1515), by king [[Fernando II of Aragón}]], deceased 1516.

He married Margarita de Vintimilla daughter of Antonio de Vintimilla, 2nd marquis of Hirache, Admiral of Sicily, and of Margarita de Baucio Ursino.

Notice he exchanged the order of his family names, putting first the mother family name and then the father family name, something not inusual in the old High Spanish Nobility when a family name faced exctinction because of the absence of males capable of carrying through a notorious family name.

His daughter, Julia de Aragon y Vintimilla, married Fabrizio Carafa, 1st Prince de la Rochela and a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece

Marcantonio Colonna 1577-84

Marcantonio (II) Colonna (1535 – August 1, 1584), Duke and Prince of Paliano, was an Italian general and admiral. Colonna, born at Civita Lavinia, was a member of the famous noble family of the Lazio, then one of the most powerful fief holder of the Papal States and the Kingdom of Sicily (under the rule of Spain). In 1553-1554, during the war against Siena, he was created commander of the Spanish cavalry. At the Battle of Lepanto (October 7, 1571), his admiral ship was protagonist of the decisive victory of the Christian League against the Ottoman fleet. At his return to Rome, Pope Gregory XIII confirmed him Capitano Generale ("General Captain") of the Papal fleet. Marcantonio Colonna was also seignor of Marino, then a village some kilometers south of Rome: the population honoured him with a great feast which is held yearly still today, under the name of "Sagra dell'uva". In 1577 King Philip II named him Viceroy of Sicily.

In 1582 the Porta Felice was erected by viceroy Marcantonio Colonna in honor of his consort Felice Orsini. It's located at the end of the Cassaro, via Toledo.

In 1583 the viceroy erected the Porta Nuova in the style of a triumphal arch to commemorate the victory in Tunisia of Carlo V. La versione attuale risale al 1669 ed è caratterizzata da una copertura a piramide ricoperta di maioliche colorate. Essendo collegata al Palazzo dei Normanni e quindi alle antiche mura cittadine, è il fondale monumentale del Cassaro o via Toledo, l'asse principale che attraversa il centro storico di Palermo.

Juan Alfonso Bisbal 1584-85

Diego Enriquez de Guzmàn 1585-92

Diego Enríquez de Guzmán, 5th count of Alba de Liste, (circa 1530-1604), Viceroy of Sicily, (1585–1591), a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece since the year 1600, was the son of Enrique Enriquez, 4th count of Alba de Liste, (circa 1500 - 1562), and Maria Alvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, (circa 1510- ), one daughter of Garcia Alvarez de Toledo, 2nd duke of Alba,(circa 1490 - 29 August 1510) and of Beatriz Pimentel, a daughter of the 4th count and 1st duke of Benavente since January 1473, Rodrigo Alfonso Pimentel.

This count title of Alba de Liste dates from the middle of the fifteenth century, being awarded to Enrique Enriquez y Mendoza. Alba de Liste, a.k.a. Alba de Aliste, is/was a castle, absolutely ruined today, located near some 300 inhabitants, Losacino, 41º 41' N, 6º 05' W in the province of Zamora, Spain.

Enriquez de Guzmàn 1592-95

Giovanni Ventimiglia 1595-98

Riliquiariu d’argentu di Santa Rusulia, donu di Giuvanni Ventimiglia 19 settemmiri 1625, Matrici di Santu Stefanu Quisquina ( AG )

Bernardino de Cárdenas y Portugal 1598-1601

Bernardino de Cárdenas y Portugal (? - Palermo, 1601) fue un noble y hombre de estado español, duque de Maqueda, marqués de Elche y virrey sucesivamente de Cataluña y de Sicilia.

Jorge de Cárdenas 1601-02

Lorenzo Suárez de Figueroa y Córdoba 1602-06

Giovanni Ventimiglia 1606-07

Juan Fernández Pacheco 1607-10

Giovanni Doria 1610-11

Pedro Téllez-Girón 1611-16

Francisco Ruiz de Castro 1616-22

Philibert of Savoy 1622-1624

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