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Book Cover Proverbi Siciliani / Sicilian Proverbs       

Proverbi Siciliani / Sicilian Proverbs

(English and Sicilian Edition) Paperback. By Arthur V. Dieli (Author), Gaetano Cipolla (Editor), Carlo Puleo (Artist).

This is a collection of more than a thousand Sicilian proverbs selected, translated and explained by Arthur V. Dieli. The book contains original drawings by Carlo Puleo, a Sicilian artist. The proverbs are arranged alphabetically by key words. The proverbs are in Sicilian, the first Italic language of Italy.

The cover art is the work of the noted Sicilian artist Carlo Puleo.

Read some of the Sicilian Proverbs.

Order the book from Amazon, or Arba Sicula.

Book Cover A Happy Heart and One Slice Of Bread       

A Happy Heart and One Slice of Bread / Cori cuntenti e 'na fedda di pani.

An ebook in Sicilian and English. By Arthur V. Dieli with a Foreword by Charles Giordano.

Sicilian proverbs are a pathway into the reality of Sicilian culture over the centuries. They are the voices of its people that ring true from generation to generation. The proverbs are an important sub-text of their conversation. Every segment of society is represented by the truth of the proverbs. The majority of the Sicilian proverbs in this collection were recorded by Giuseppe Pitrč (1841-1916) in four volumes of his twenty-five volume library of Sicilian folklore. The eBook is currently available from Friesen Press, iTunes Bookstore, and Google Play. It will be available from Amazon and in a Kindle edition soon.

Book Cover The Children of Aeolus       

The Children of Aeolus

Characters Typifying Their Sicilian Origin. By Carlo Puleo translated into English by Arthur Dieli. Paperback.

The short stories in this volume draw on Puleo's many experiences and especially on his particular artistic viewpoint. Carlo Puleo was a personal friend of Ignazio Buttitta for many years and he has drawn on that experience to show us a personal side of the renowned Sicilian poet.

The book is currently available online from Amazon, and Arba Sicula, and in a Kindle edition.

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